Oil crafter by night .. Refreshing energy .

The effects given to Juniper Berry and to lime oils is refreshing energy . it reminds me a little bit of the days I used to drink gin . Given the mood it depends if the gin with pop and lime would refresh me and give me energy . I stopped drinking and hanging out at bars a while back . I may do a takeout meal or catch a mma fight at a decent food bar . But the days of being that carefree and wreck less is replaced by what I wear out to defend or offend and or to suspend people vivid imagination . To focus on a scent or fragrance I have to go real conditions . Downtown , bus stop , coffee and flower shops to see if I offend someone by smelling or will someone appreciate the way I am smelling . Houston is a very humid place . Most likely you will easily smell like a cologne and sweat no matter how cold your house , car , apartment ,bus , job, or business is . I go with the flow and challenge the air with oil fragrances . They tend to sweat with you and dry with the smell . So you won’t smell the same kick of fragrances you smelled before leaving home . But a subtle reminder will linger around you in the air . Also everybody pH levels are different so it depends . I put on a bit too much and I didn’t smell it on me , after awhile it was being smelled when I was coming and leaving a area . I kept on enjoying the environmental smell not knowing the fragrance changed a little . One fragrance may last longer than the other or one may just blend in quicker creating a different fragrance once warmed up . I like wearing the blend . It’s definitely a guy driven scent . A alternative fragrance for women can be Lime and Rose oil blends to get the refreshing energy thing going . I try to do the tree and spices for men and herbs , flowers , and fruits for women . The citrus fruits and plants can be used on both sides sometimes . Sometimes I mix several fragrances together to get a rotating fragrance or fume going . I use simple essential oils from different places of retail and mix them let it sit for a few days . Or I just finger tip both bottles and rub it on me . Nothing fancy or serious yet . I do have a technique with the ratios and with reducing the strength of something if it’s too loud . Tonight I am reducing the strength of the Lime and Juniper while letting it sit for awhile to get a mature fragrance going instead of a alternating fragrance . So I won’t have the smell on my body tomorrow but I could end up with it on my clothes . To a goodnight and to a even better later .


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