Lemongrass and Lavender and .

Lemongrass Lavender entry to  intrigue . I’m soaking my body in fragrance bath salt to recover from my day . I found a artistic vibe in  the combination I just randomly selected . I didn’t pay much attention to what it should smell like . It up lifted my wind down as I fall into a late dinner and into crafting a oil blend . I have to move one thought down to make space for what I am feeling . Beside feeling relax and a comforting chill upon me . I feel motivated and in control of what will happen next . I want to make a impressive collection of women fragrances vs men . All with a balance thought tucked into the smell making a effort into why opposites attract . Meanwhile I carry on with the necessary balance of studying the coming and going of many fragrances . There will be another fragrance added to the previous thought of Lemongrass and Lavender . For the women I know and knew . For the ones I love , like , or even disagree with . All was and are beautiful complex themes of energy . So I make this fragrance for those women and their complexity . Levels of art of hearts that make sense with a nice scent .


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