Oilcrafter by night .

I been lost in my sensitive world not me being emotional to myself but promotional to overall health and how I blow my breath . Quick and softly to my left . For my right is fix to consume a area for a fume I wear as a barrier . I assume it will keep clear my area . It’s not like a perfume that will secure an area . More of fragrance that blooms with it’s carrier …

I been wearing off and on a cypress sage oil fragrance it works for me because of Houston humidity it bonds and changes fragrances with my sweat . The hotter I get the better the smell of the fragrance gets .

Poet by day .

Where will the poets go when war starts . Where will words hide to become lost art . I can imagine these things being worlds apart , I can’t see them being our last open thoughts of how we often fought . No country or money could back what we sought . For our nerves and verbs can never be bought . Just a way with words that should be openly taught . A way such with words how would we  ever be caught . A poet is more than a loaded shifting heart . We are more like a embolden drifting shark , looking for ways to make our mark . We write and recite the wars before they start and win them in hindsight by our insight of knowing how to fight .

Oil crafter by night .

To the next page of this chapter with a pool of thoughts and subtle laughter . I prove my heart with tricks and trades I can master . I often fool myself with a scent I thought I captured . I am more than what is seen through my stature . A machine that performs slow than faster . A oilsmith known as a crafter . And the fragrances that I blend are extensions of my character bending around visual barriers . And sending a sound scent through the area . Leaving a fume to assume the strength of  the carrier . I am something unique you seek when wanting something heavier . A poet that reeks of herbs and free speech on the regular .

Poet by day .

Just a list of words that I must twist with verbs and wish they could fly like birds . Or better even to calm my nerves . To better understand the peace that I deserve . To release the piece I often hold in reserve and to increase the value of what I already observed . Charging those words with useful energy to merge it into chemistry with a potency to continue my tendency of sweeping and keeping up with various forms of poetry . A deep space for discovery but most importantly it’s a place for recovery . From a socially starved and society carved identity , to my destiny and  opportunities .

Poet by day .

What do you wear besides clothes ? What else do you wear to keep your bare essentials from being exposed . Nobody supposed to know the care and potential of a scent or a sense needing to be equal . Leaving a fragrance that represents something simple and something of a symbol of why and how we market being single . As if it’s contagious , illegal , and something close to being lethal . I ask myself if I’m suffering from symptoms or am I trapped deep in the system . Am I a victim ? Should I portray my elegance or display my wisdom .

Long gone the days .

Long gone the days of beauty and youth . Here come the ways of duty and truth . I gaze up as if I’m staring through a glass roof . Somewhere up there past the mass of gas lay the proof of things that matter . All that was let loose . The issues that often gathered and tighten like a noose . Something’s sometimes so heart felt that I wish it could be reduced . Envy can produce energy to seduce the enemy . It’s a organic remedy to fight off vulnerabilities and to take on  better capabilities . I took my insecurity and made it into a social philosophy . My intellectual property valued over hypocrisy .

Stay Calm .

Things will come and people will go off the things they don’t know . If I have too much to show how would I ever grow . I’m on my way into this day with a few mental notes I have to say to myself . Keep my health , know my wealth , write some poems , and learn from the storms I had left without harm or experiencing death . Take a breath and stay calm for my strength has been written in my palms . To prevent any and every alarm . I must stay calm trust that I have drawn the best path to success with the least amount of stress to overcome . May my confidence work like a charm to steady my strength of being calm .